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Travel blog Bonaire

Diving in Bonaire

Diving in Bonaire should be the absolute number one item on your must-do list. The spectacular underwater paradise is situated for the most part around the national marine park. Research revealed that an incredible 50% of all visitors to the island of Bonaire actually come here to dive. The island is home to spectacular coral [...]

Snorkeling in Bonaire

The water surrounding Bonaire is spectacular for snorkeling. Bonaire is known as a snorkeling hot spot around the world. There is no need to rent a boat. You can simply enter the water right from the beach, for an amazing snorkeling experience. With the rocky coastlines, long white beaches are not common. The natural surroundings [...]

Kralendijk Bonaire

Colourful Kralendijk is the capital city of the island of Bonaire. The name Kralendijk is derived from the coral reef and the local population also refers to it as Playa. With 12,531 residents, the capital city is the largest city on the island. However, it is not the oldest city of Bonaire; that would be [...]

Eden Beach Resort Bonaire

PB Car Rental Bonaire is proud of Bonaire and gladly gives tips to those who visit this Caribbean island. An absolute must is Eden Beach Resort. Just a stone's throw from Kralendijk is where you will find Eden Beach Resort Bonaire, where you can relax and enjoy the luxurious cabanas on the seaside. The children [...]