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What to do on Bonaire?

Discovering Bonaire by car

The Caribbean island of Bonaire is very popular with travellers. This popularity is mainly due to the good weather conditions, the great natural diversity and the diving and surfing options available on the island. Many tourists rent a car on the island so they can enjoy the beautiful beaches, fantastic diving spots and nature as much as possible. Bonaire is 288 km² and has a good road infrastructure, making it easy and relaxing to discover the island by rental car.

Car rental on Bonaire

Booking a rental car with PB Car Rental Bonaire is a cheap and easy way to discover the warm island of Bonaire. We offer family cars, as well as pick-ups and jeeps to transport surfing and diving materials.

Discovering Bonaire on a bike or mountain bike

We highly recommend discovering the island on a bike or mountain bike as some places on Bonaire are not accessible by car. The island is rather varied; one moment you will be biking through the salt pyramids in the south, whilst the next you will be surrounded by the hills in the north. It is a good idea to take your snorkelling gear with you, as it will enable you to cool down whilst admiring the underwater world of Bonaire.

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Bike rental on Bonaire

There are various places where you can rent a bike, but we do advise you to book well in advance. We recommend the following bike rental companies:

Rento Fun


Walking on Bonaire

Bonaire has more than 300 kilometres of natural pathways, making the island the perfect destination for your walking holiday. During your walks you will see through the most beautiful places and will have all the time in the world to take in the sounds, smells and colours of the island. It is advisable to plan a beautiful walking route in advance. The Brandaris climbing route is a challenging route, which will take you approximately three hours and all the way to the highest point of Bonaire. Here you can enjoy the spectacular view of the island at an altitude of 241 metres.

Information on the island of Bonaire

Bonaire is a Caribbean island and a beautiful location for walking. Please visit the following websites for more information on the island of Bonaire:

Bonaire Official Tourism Site

Surfing on Bonaire

Bonaire is a surfer’s paradise for those starting out, as well as for the experienced surfer. The climate is perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The constant wind, pleasant water temperature and the azure shallow waters mean that Bonaire is one of the best windsurfing spots in the world. The jeeps and pick-ups of PB Car Rental Bonaire are perfect for transporting your surfing gear.


Surf schools on Bonaire

There are different places where you can learn how to surf or kitesurf.  PB Car Rental Bonaire recommends the following surf and kitesurf schools:

Jibe City

Bonaire Windsurf Place

Kiteboarding Bonaire

Diving and snorkelling on Bonaire

The Caribbean offers some of the best diving locations in the world. The water is extremely clear and the underwater beauty is astounding. Bonaire is suitable for both the novice and the more advanced diver and is the perfect location to obtain your PADI. Take your snorkel and discover Bonaire’s many bays and colourful coral beds. All the rental cars of PB Car Rental Bonaire are suitable for the transportation of your diving and snorkelling gear.

Diving schools on Bonaire

There are various places on Bonaire where you can rent snorkels or take diving lessons. PB Car Rental Bonaire recommends the following diving schools:

Goood Dive

Wannadive Bonaire

PB Car Rental Bonaire’s Top 5 sights


Washington Slagbaai National Park

Bonaire is renowned for its exquisite nature. Washington Slagbaai National Park covers 6,000 hectares and comprises the whole north side of the island. If you hire a jeep with PB Car Rental Bonaire you can see all the sights this beautiful park has to offer. The park offers the perfect habitat for birds and other animals, particularly lizards and iguanas. The park is also significant from a cultural history point of view, for example because of the plantations and the history of Slagbaai. There is an interesting museum at the entrance of the park.


Bonaire National Marine Park

There are few islands that are as impressive above water as they are under water. Bonaire is such an island. Bonaire National Marine Park is a fantastic diving spot. The underwater park is the oldest sea conservation area in the world and surrounds the whole island and Klein Bonaire. On the west side of the island there are various diving spots within easy reach of the beach. Bonaire National Marine Park offers some of the best diving locations in the world.


Klein Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is an uninhabited coral island located just 800 metres from Bonaire. The small island has beautiful snow-white beaches where sea turtles come to lay their eggs. Klein Bonaire forms part of Bonaire National Marine Park and is unique as only few islands of these dimensions are uninhabited within the Caribbean archipelago. Divers from all over the world visit Bonaire specifically to dive in the waters of Klein Bonaire. To get to the island, just take one of the different water taxis located at the Kralendijk coast.


Salt marshes and the slave huts

The slave huts on the dike between the Pekelmeer and the Caribbean Sea in the south of Bonaire, are world-famous and unique. In most places in the world, all traces of slavery can no longer be seen. The slave huts have recently been restored to their original condition by STINAPA ‒Stichting Nationale Parken Nederlandse Antillen (the National Parks Foundation). Information billboards have also been placed at the location, clearly explaining the history of the salt production on Bonaire. In doing so, the Bonaire authorities hope to conserve these important monuments for future generations.


Goto Lake and Rincon

The Goto Lake is Bonaire’s largest salt water lake. It is located in Washington Slagbaai National Park and is a famous flamingo breeding ground. Many archaeological finds have been made in the area surrounding the Goto Lake. There are regular excavations uncovering the remains from the past. On your way to the Goto Lake, you will pass by the oldest village of the Antilles, Rincon. The rich history of this village has resulted in many traditions, festivities and customs. Rincon is often referred to as the cultural centre of the island.

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